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Very sturdy and the whole family is loving it!

We ordered a Wedanta Swedish Ladder set for our small city condo to give us more opportunities to move when going outside isn't possible. Because it's vertical it takes up way less space and is perfect for those with limited floor space. Mom uses it for yoga stretching, dad for pullups and abs, and our kid for just about any kind of monkey bar/climing she wants. We love it!

Samantha Poplawski
Design Flaw

I don’t usually write reviews but thought I should warn you guys what happened with the one in I purchased in April. The trapeze rope rubs on the wood when using. It’s now the first week of August and the trapeze rope has finally cut all the way through. Luckily my kiddo wasn’t hurt badly (just a bruise). I will be taking the rope ladder and rings down as a precaution since the rope on the trapeze is the same as these.

Kirill Toptounov
Very good product


A 0z
nice solid product for kids

Children loved it.
Beside the center connection easy to install.
Plank is not sturdy enough for adults (180+ pounds)
All material and hardware should last for a child.

Great product

Very good quality, easy to put together minus having to cut a piece off the bottom to fit over the molding. Kids aged 7 and 11 love it, lots of different things for them to do.