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Customer Reviews

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Chelsey Lokaisingh

Since the pandemic, we've spent most of our time indoors, especially since cold months are majority of the year here in Toronto, CA. This is the next best thing other than going to a public park. We couldn't wait to set this up indoors. Our children are 1 and 3, and we know they'll be able to use this for years to come when they're big kids too. Playdates at home have never been so fun for the kids! We added a swing to the monkey bars for added play options. The seller stayed in touch with me to let me know when stock was available. It was worth the wait! Highly recommend!

Angie Joseph
Great buy if you can afford it and have space

My daughter loves it. She’s a little over 2 years old.
Comes in handy on rainy days.
Very versatile. I had some difficulty securing the bottoms and the green top which secures the top rail so at times, you may need a second adult to help.

It’s expensive, I’d say 70$ overpriced, especially since you need to build it up by yourself.

But it’s really beautiful and will probably last years so overall, I’m pleased with the purchase. If you can afford it and if you don’t like being outdoors too much, go for it.

Cathy F

Instructions could have been a little more detailed. Some pieces were difficult to put together and the wood split in several places which is disappointing. It would be nice if the rings were already attached to a bar, we had no idea what we were doing.

The colors are great and the kids love it, so that’s what really matters. It looks great minus the split wood, we will have to closely monitor that so it does not become a hazard.

Laura L
We love it!!

Easy to put together for our downstairs play space. Our 4 year old and almost 2 year old LOVE it. All pieces are high quality. I wasn’t sure I would care for the bright colors, but of course the kids think it’s great and I like the brightness the paint brings to the space. We have ordered soft mats to place below. My little guy gets in-home physical therapy, and this will be a wonderful tool for them. Highly recommend for indoor playgrounds!

Caroline P
Great toddler gym!

Love this toddler gym, the size is perfect for my nearly 3 old boy and he was so excited to climb on it as soon as he saw it.
Well packed, every single piece is wrapped inside the box and the delivery was super quick. It took me around 6hrs to assemble it on my own and the assembly was a bit of hassle as there are many parts (color coded instructions would be great but not a major issue at all as I used a pic of the gym to mount it). I had no problem with the hardware and tools provided, the only issue is that two holes didn't perfectly match so I had to drill a bit but other than that that's a great and safe build and I recommend!