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Customer Reviews

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Kirill Toptounov
Very good product


A 0z
nice solid product for kids

Children loved it.
Beside the center connection easy to install.
Plank is not sturdy enough for adults (180+ pounds)
All material and hardware should last for a child.

Great product

Very good quality, easy to put together minus having to cut a piece off the bottom to fit over the molding. Kids aged 7 and 11 love it, lots of different things for them to do.

Michelle Loraine Uy
Great for kids with autism

My 5 year old son has asd and he’s not wearing mask so a trip to the park is a big no no for him. He loves everything about the park so we were looking for something similar that will also fit in our 2 bedroom apartment and we found this! Life saver! Not only is it sturdy but can still be used even if he’s a teenager or adult. The materials are of high quality and safe for kids. I will definitely recommend this product.

Lorena Batista
Swedish Ladder

I was skeptical of buying at first, but it was one of the best purchases for my kiddos. We love that it serves our 8, 6, and 1 year old. I would recommend the Swedish Ladder to any family with kids!