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3 most popular Wedanta® play set exercises

3 most popular Wedanta® play set exercises


Pumping the abs

Exercise for 1-3 years old children - with the Pikler Triangle 3 in 1 set


Place the arch and the triangle next to each other, and place the slide horizontally between them. Ensure a firm connection. 


Put your young athlete on the slide, and sit on the floor next to him or her.


It will be convenient to perform exercises for the abs in this position by lifting the upper torso up. Every time you rise, do not forget to smile to your baby! You can encourage the child to count the number of your lifts - this will be a support for you and useful training for the baby. Try it, it will be fun to do it together!




Stretch your back

Exercise with a child of 3-6 years old - on the playground for young climbers SPORTTWOOD 

Position yourself by sitting at the bottom of the slide while facing the set. Make sure that your legs are on the slide inclining upwards. Bend down, and try to the tips of your toes with your fingers. If the exercise proves to be difficult, first practice it on a flat floor and then move on to the slide.

Have a little competition with your child to stretch the muscles - see who can do it better?

A note for tired parents: even a simple rest with keeping legs elevated can promote muscle relaxation and reduce swelling in the legs.

Hold the angle

Exercise with a child over 6 years old - on a wooden Swedish ladder Wall Sport 2

The Swedish ladders is a great structure for physical activity. It may be a great tool for isometric exercises when you exercise by holding a stable position. Holding an angle is one of them. Stand with your back to the wall, raise your arms and grab on the highest bar you can reach. Bend your knees towards your torso and try to keep that position. Try to relax uninvolved muscles as much as possible. Do not overexert yourself, and strengthen your knees if you feel pain or feel unwell. If the exercise is too easy for you, try to raise your legs parallel to the floor by forming the letter "L". Try to hold this position as long as possible.

By the way, this exercise is also great for competing with a child - who will be stronger and more enduring? And to increase motivation, you can come up with a small prize for the winner!

Undoubtedly, these activities will be the perfect way for you to keep your body in good shape, set a good example for your child and have fun together. Choose Wedanta ®sports complexes to combine entertainment and a healthy lifestyle for the whole family!

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