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How to celebrate your kids’ victories? What Montessori Method says

How to celebrate your kids’ victories? What Montessori Method says

The Montessori method places great emphasis on supporting the child to be independent, autonomous and develop their potential. Celebrating a child's Montessori victories is intended to reinforce positive motivation, support self-esteem, and highlight achievements that help a child become self-sufficient and confident.


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Here are some practical tips for celebrating your child's successes that are used in Montessori Method.

1. Pay attention to small achievements: Acknowledge the child's successes, which may seem small or ordinary, but can be significant victories for them. For example, helping to clean up toys after playtime or tying their shoelaces independently.

2. Foster self-esteem: Highlight the child's efforts and hard work rather than just focusing on the outcome. Say things like, "You're trying very hard!" or "You're being very attentive!" or "You've made great progress!"

3. Provide opportunities for independence: Allow the child to independently tackle tasks and then express appreciation for their efforts. For instance, let the child prepare their own breakfast or dress themselves for a walk.

4. Natural praises: In the Montessori method, material rewards for achievements are avoided. Instead, use natural praises such as verbal compliments, words of encouragement, and warm smiles.

5. Observe and listen to the child: Be attentive to the child's interests and desires. Commend their efforts and interests according to their individual needs and abilities.

6. Cultivate a positive approach towards mistakes: Teach the child to view mistakes as part of the learning process and an opportunity to learn. Help them recognize mistakes, correct them, and continue to grow.

Remember that in the Montessori method, the main goal is to develop an independent, inquisitive, and self-sufficient individual. Celebrating victories should emphasize positive development and promote a positive attitude towards learning and exploring the world.

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